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For the question below, choose the best sentence to complete the conversation.

You have 20 minutes to answer 50 questions.

Every question is required, simply answer each to the best of your ability.

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1) At first I didn't like my job, but .... to enjoy it now.
2) I don't understand this sentence. What .... ?
3) Robert .... away two or three times a year.
4) How .... now? Better than before?
5) It was a boring weekend. .... anything.
6) Matt .... while we were having dinner.
7) Jim is on holiday. He .... to Italy.
8) Everything is going well. We .... any problems so far.
9) I'm tired. .... to bed now. Goodnight.
10) The bag looks heavy. .... you with it.
11) Don't worry .... late tonight.
12) A fire spread through the building very quickly, but fortunately everybody .....
13) 'I've lost one of my gloves.' 'You .... it somewhere."
14) What was the problem? Why .... leave early?
15) If I were rich, .... a yacht.
16) We .... by a loud noise during the night.
17) 'Where .... ?' 'In New York.'
18) Paul left the room suddenly. He said he .... to go.
19) A friend of mine phoned .... me to a party.
20) It wasn't your fault. It was .....
21) There are millions of stars in .....
22) The boxer in the dark .... is sure to win.
23) The tailor made Bob a new .... .
24) Sally was wearing a very .... skirt which swirled round her as she danced.
25) If you carry too much luggage, the airline will charge an .... baggage fee.
26) I'm afraid your luggage is ten kilos ....; you will have to pay extra.
27) Would you .... the salt, please?
28) This avocado .... rather hard.
29) I am staying in a youth .... in the center of town.
30) The only way to clean the box is to .... it in soap and warm water.
31) I'll have to buy .... trousers.
32) Would you like to .... the suit to see if it fits you?
33) There is a lot of friendly .... between the supporters of the two teams.
34) Have you been able to book us a tennis .... for tomorrow?
35) The doctor took his temperature and checked his .... .
36) You are late again. Please try to be .... in the future.
37) The work should be turned in by next Thursday, so make sure you keep to the .... .
38) She got her .... at Harvard University.
39) The new book received good .... from the critics.
40) These shoes are very uncomfortable. I am going to .... .
41) We're playing a game. Why don't you ....?
42) Nobody believed Paul at first, but he .... to be right.
43) Sally is doing OK at the moment. She has .... .
44) Joe never phones me.
45) He's lazy. He never does .... work.
46) When .... invented?
47) I hope it doesn't rain.
48) Are you going to come inside soon?
49) How much butter do I need for this cake?
50) ..... stay the night if it's too difficult to get home.

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