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English is a key that opens the door to a new world.

734497_570866757982_1587873660_nHello! My name is Nick Drapeau and I am the director of Next Level English in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which means I develop and oversee the program, our staff and teachers. I also make sure each student has an excellent, effective experience learning English with us.

If I could sum up my job in one word it would be Quality – quality teachers, quality program, and an unmistakable overall quality experience here at Next Level English.

First, a little information about myself. I came to Almaty from New York in 2009 with a vision to transform the educational sector in Kazakhstan; to give students vision and resources to make that vision happen. It’s hard to explain, but I feel a tremendous passion to see people succeed in their goals. I truly believe our students are the future leaders- whether in business, government or anywhere in between. I take great pleasure in seeing our students use what they’ve learned as necessary tools for their success!

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How do we do it? First and foremost it is by hiring only qualified native speaker teachers. I, for example, studied English Education at Cairn University in Philadelphia. After completing my university education I applied for and was granted Pennsylvania State Teaching Certification. Our teachers are degree-holding, educational specialists who know not just what to teach, but how to teach it effectively. Our native speaker teachers know how to inspire you and improve your learning of English. You are in good hands!

You will love our new office located in the heart of Almaty, Satpaeva/Baizakova (Biokombinat 7). Our fun, friendly atmosphere makes you feel welcome- come in and have a cup of tea (or coffee!) and have a chat! Besides atmosphere, our office is well equipped with top-quality tools to help you learn English in the most modern, effective way possible.


Every classroom is equipped with computers, televisions and other technology that are used in every lesson. Have you ever used a tablet or smartphone to help you learn English? There are so many resources today that are a lot of fun and they really make the lessons more interactive and interesting. I’m a bit of a tech-enthusiast, so things like iPad courses and other educational technology are passions of our school. Our students will always get the best learning resources available.

Finally, we follow international English language teaching Standards, also known as CEF (Common European Framework). Students need measurable goals. In other words they need to know what’s coming next. Besides smaller, daily goals, I strive to give students a greater vision to transform their lives, career and communities by using English. Our courses are modular but flexible too. You are unique and our program will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Maybe you want to study abroad, communicate more effectively at work or simply exchange culture with English speakers at home or abroad- we are here to take you to the next level.



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  1. Assel Bektursynova

    Hello! I am interested in ielts preparation intensive course, required result 7 or higher, my level is advanced but I didn’t practice my English for a while. I would prefer mini groups or private lessons. Please contact me +77017153238

    1. Profile photo of admin Author

      Hi Assel! We are happy to help you achieve the score you need. Please contact us at +77083437111. We have many students who get a 7.0 or above on IELTS!

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